How To Make A Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini is a contemporary and popular cocktail that has taken the world by storm. This delicious and refreshing drink is a sweet and fruity twist on a classic Martini and is perfect for those who like their cocktails with a little bit of flair.

How to make a Pornstar Martini? In this guide, Monopole Wine will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a Pornstar Martini at home, including tips and tricks for creating the perfect balance of flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or a home mixologist, this guide will help you create a delicious and satisfying Pornstar Martini that is sure to impress your guests. So, let’s get started and learn how to make this trendy and beloved cocktail.

What Is a Porn Star Martini?

How To Make A Pornstar Martini
How To Make A Pornstar Martini

A Pornstar Martini is a sweet and fruity cocktail that is a modern twist on the classic gin Martini. Unlike a traditional Martini, which is made with gin and vermouth, a Pornstar Martini features vanilla-flavored vodka and passion fruit as its main ingredients.

To make a Pornstar Martini, bartenders typically combine vanilla-flavored vodka with passion fruit puree and a splash of Passoã, a Brazilian passion fruit-based liqueur. The mixture is then shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass.

The cocktail is often served with a sidecar of Prosecco or other sparkling wine, which can be sipped in between sips of the cocktail, adding a touch of effervescence to the drink.

The Pornstar Martini is known for its sweet and fruity taste, as well as its vibrant and eye-catching presentation. It has become a popular cocktail in bars and restaurants around the world, and is enjoyed by many for its unique flavor profile and playful name.

Why Is It Called a Porn Star Martini?

How To Make A Pornstar Martini
How To Make A Pornstar Martini

The Porn Star Martini is a cocktail that was invented by Douglas Ankrah, a Ghanaian-born bartender, at the Townhouse Bar in London in 2002. The drink is meant to be a conversation starter and has a bright, golden hue that Ankrah thought looked like something a porn star would drink. In an interview with The Buyer in 2017, Ankrah explained that he came up with the name while visiting Cape Town, where he was writing his book, Shaken, and Stirred: Douglas Ankrah’s Cocktails, which was eventually published in 2004.

Initially, the cocktail was called the Maverick Martini after a gentlemen’s club that Ankrah frequented in South Africa. However, when he returned to London, he decided to rename it the Porn Star Martini to help break up the city’s status quo of rigid, strict bars and create fun, relaxed environments where people could loosen up.

Interestingly, according to The Spirits: A Guide to Modern Cocktailing, the cocktail has even been connected to royalty. The author, Richard Godwin, writes that “apparently Prince William wooed Catherine Middleton with one.”

Despite its racy name, the Porn Star Martini has become a popular cocktail around the world, known for its combination of sweet and tart flavors and tropical twist. Whether you enjoy it for its taste or its provocative name, the Porn Star Martini is a cocktail that is sure tospark conversation and add a touch of playfulness to any cocktail party or night out.

How to Make a Porn Star Martini Cocktail

How To Make A Pornstar Martini
How To Make A Pornstar Martini

Making a Pornstar Martini cocktail is easier than you may think! Here’s a simple recipe to help you create this delicious and refreshing drink at home:


  • 2 oz vanilla-flavored vodka
  • 1 oz passion fruit puree
  • 1/2 oz Passoã liqueur
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • Prosecco or other sparkling wine, for serving
  • Ice


  1. Fillcocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add the vanilla-flavored vodka, passion fruit puree, Passoã liqueur, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup to the shaker.
  3. Shake the ingredients vigorously for at least 30 seconds to combine and chill them.
  4. Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass.
  5. Serve with a sidecar of Prosecco or other sparkling wine.


  • Use high-quality ingredients to create the best-tasting cocktail.
  • Adjust the amount of simple syrup to your liking.
  • To make simple syrup, combine equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Let the mixture cool before using.
  • For a fun and festive presentation, garnish your Pornstar Martini with a slice of passion fruit or a wedge of lime.


In conclusion, the Pornstar Martini is a delicious and visually stunning cocktail that is sure to impress your guests. This cocktail is easy to make and requires just a few key ingredients, including passion fruit pureevanilla syrup, and vodka. By following the recipe carefully and being mindful of your ingredients and proportions, you can create a perfect Pornstar Martini that is both sweet and tart, with a tropical twist.

Whether you are a seasoned bartender or a beginner mixologist, the Pornstar Martini is a fun and exciting cocktail to add to your repertoire. With its playful name and exotic flavor, this cocktail is perfect for a girls’ night out, a special occasion, or any party where you want to impress your friends and family.

So, go ahead and give this recipe a try, and experience the deliciously fruity and fun taste of the Pornstar Martini for yourself. With its bright, golden hue and unique blend of flavors, this cocktail is sure to be a hit with anyone who tries it.

FAQs for Pornstar Martini

How Do You Drink a Porn Star Martini?

While some cocktails are best served in tall glasses or tumblers, the Pornstar Martini is traditionally served in a coupe glass.

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, the Pornstar Martini is a “up” cocktail, which means that it is shaken with ice but not served on it. By using a coupe glass with a handle, you can ensure that you won’t change the temperature of the drink by gripping the glass.

Secondly, the coupe glass is the perfect vessel for garnishing the cocktail. The Pornstar Martini is typically topped with half a passion fruit and served with a sidecar of sparkling wine. The ample room provided by the coupe glass allows you to add as much or as little bubbly as you like, without worrying about overflowing or spilling the drink.

What Are Alternatives to the Porn Star Martini?

While the Pornstar Martini is a delicious and unique cocktail, there are many other drinks that you can try if you’re looking for a different flavor profile or want to experiment with different ingredients. Here are a few alternatives to the Pornstar Martini:

  1. Espresso Martini: If you’re a coffee lover, you might enjoy an Espresso Martini, which combines vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur for a rich and bold cocktail.
  2. French Martini: The French Martini is a fruity and refreshing cocktail that combines vodka, pineapple juice, and Chambord raspberry liqueur for a sweet and tart flavor.
  3. Cosmopolitan: The Cosmopolitan is a classic cocktail that combines vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice for a refreshing and citrusy drink.
  4. Margarita: For a tequila-based alternative, try a Margarita, which combines tequila, lime juice, and triple sec for a refreshing and tangy cocktail.
  5. Mojito: If you prefer a rum-based cocktail, try a Mojito, which combines rum, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves, and soda water for a refreshing and minty drink.

Are You Meant to Shoot the Prosecco?

No, you are not meant to shoot the Prosecco when serving a Pornstar Martini. In fact, the Prosecco is typically served on the side as a sidecar, which means it is meant to be sipped separately from the cocktail.

The purpose of the Prosecco is to add a touch of effervescence and sweetness to the cocktail, without overpowering the other flavors. By sipping the Prosecco in between sips of the cocktail, you can enjoy the two distinct flavors and textures separately, while still tasting the unique combination of vanilla-flavored vodka and passion fruit puree in the Pornstar Martini.


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